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computer help [Mar. 20th, 2009|01:13 pm]
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we recently cut off our sattelite tv because it was too expensive...i watch all kinds of crap online and figured it shouldn't be too hard to connect the computer to the tv, like use the tv as a monitor, you know? my tv is an old old jvc model with the three prong component inputs. i bought this: http://www.brilliantstore.com/computer_cables_dekcell_cpa_1259.html thinking it was everything i needed, but alas...it doesn't work. i tried plugging it in to different inputs, i tried moving the pegs around, there is even an input on the tv that is red, blue, and green (instead of red yellow and white) but nothing worked. Did I get the wrong cord? Is the cord defective? Am I doing something wrong?

thanks in advance!!

From: aisales
2009-03-20 11:37 pm (UTC)
You may also have to reboot the computer once the cable is plugged into the television. Also, if your computer is a laptop there is probably a key combination to switch between laptop screen and VGA port. It is typically a special key + a number or function key.
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